Financial Statements

22. Investments

1 May 2011 2 May 2010
£m £m
Investments at 3 May 2010 375.0
Additions in the period 25.0 375.0
Total investments 400.0 375.0

The additions in the period relate to SuperGroup Belgium NV and SuperGroup Belgium Finance NV. SuperGroup Europe BVBA was acquired by SuperGroup Netherlands BV, a 100% owned subsidiary of SuperGroup Belgium NV.

Principal subsidiaries

All of the subsidiaries have been included in the consolidated financial statements. A list of the subsidiaries during the period is set out below:

Subsidiary Principal activity Country of incorporation 1 May 2011
% shares
Basset BVBA Clothing retailer in Belgium Belgium 100
CNC Collections France SARL Clothing retailer in France France 100
C-Retail Limited Clothing retailer in UK UK 100
Cult Retail LLP Dormant UK 100
DKH Retail Limited Worldwide wholesale distribution UK 100
Laundry Athletics LLP Dormant UK 100
SD Retail Netherlands Clothing retailer in the Netherlands Netherlands 100
Snow & Surf BVBA Clothing retailer in Belgium Belgium 100
SuperGroup Belgium NV Holds the investment in SuperGroup Netherlands BV Belgium 100
SuperGroup Belgium Finance NV Provides finance to the Group Belgium 100
SuperGroup Concessions Limited Clothing retailer in concessions UK 100
SuperGroup Europe BVBA 1 Wholesale distribution in Benelux Belgium 100
SuperGroup International Limited Contracting of overseas personnel UK 100
SuperGroup Internet Limited Clothing retailer via the Internet UK 100
SuperGroup Netherlands BV Holds the investment in SuperGroup Europe BVBA Netherlands 100
SuperGroup Retail Ireland Limited Clothing retailer in the Republic of Ireland ROI 100

1 SuperGroup Europe BVBA changed its name from CNC Collections BVBA.

The 50% owned joint ventures, Clan, Horace and Theo which are all clothing retailers in France, are not included in the consolidated financial statement statements on the basis they are in aggregate wholly immaterial.

All shares held by the Company are ordinary equity shares.